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About us
Packers and Mover Haridwar Chennai The Year 1954.Those were the heady days of a young and free India. A young man with the tri-color in his eyes and mission that marched the dreams of a born again nation. Our visionary founder Shri P.R. Goel went east, the business capital during the colonial era. Painstakingly, he began putting into place a unique concept of a multi-dimensional & multi-model deliveries. The idling engine of a transport operation began to rev up for a voyage of business discovery.

Many a milestones and five decades later, having mapped the entire country with men & material; with his son Ashok Goel now in the driving seat as its Managing Director, the RDG Group is steering steadily but rapidly into yet new territories in the transport sector.

Ashok Goel as he continues to shape the father's vision he has led the RDG Group to the pole position in the industry. On service parameters, on innovative solutions, on punctuality and security; on excellence backed with experience of over half a century. The credentials remain high as the RDG group raises the industry bar higher with each passing year.

Today , the Group's cargo fleet constitutes all types of carriers, from containerized to open Tata 407s, from multi-axle to weaver type fleet with a 1Kg to 40 ton wide lift capacity spectrum.

What rose, appropriately from the East has today spanned out in multi-transport solutions, with specialized companies under the RDG Group umbrella. The group has been able to change gears with the demands of changing times. It offers focused services in road transport, cargo carrying, packing and moving and logistics through its Group Companies.

Technology has stayed a mainstay of the Group competitive ability. Constantly up-grading and improving on the material and men behind the wheels has helped RDG Group to rose ahead of others. The technology has simply been used to make movement process easier, faster, reliable, and transparent: The `Shipment tracing' for instance: An ISO 9001:2008 Certification for the RDG Group is a natural result of the company's operational excellence.

Even as the RDG Group shifts into top gear, its driving force remain the core values that have been oiling its smooth running wheels, values its founder held close to his heart-of simplicity, honesty, hard work and customer satisfaction. For the RDG Group is of the firm belief that technology is any as good as the human beings who use it.

Adequate ware housing space at Delhi to address consolidation. Backed by spaces at Kalamboli in Mumbai for sea faring cargo. Additionally, strategically located ware houses at Chennai, Banglore, Indore , Guwahati, Gwalior, and Kolkota.
Information Technology
All offices are networked run on DSL lines. Well connected and located with accessibility benefits.
Fleet Strength
The Group boasts of a massive fleet of young and modern vehicles. Its range varies in size and type to cater to all categories of cargo. Open Tata 407s to containerized carriers, from multi-axle to weaver type fleet.
Man power
A young team that is committed and professional. Widely experienced with expertise in movement inventory planning, execution of supply chain, packaging solution, effective and efficient distribution of cargo clearance and handling.
Branch Offices & Reach
Head Office at Delhi, the national capital, the RDG Group has its branch offices located at every part of the country, with a truly ban-indian presence to strengthen the door to door deliveries through a hub and spoke system.

Industry Theme
Ours is an industry that works silently. Behind the scene . To make your lives better , easier, fuller and happier. When you are sleeping in the night , we are on the move. We brought over the fresh glass of milk your child gulps down every morning before rushing off to school. Bringing a smile on their faces that lights up your life at the very thought.

The transport industry in India turns the wheels of Indian economy. It has also grown from simply loading and uploading trucks full of goods from one location to another . Today , it is a sector that employs modern management techniques of supply chain. It uses scientific tools including satellite to track and trace vehicular movement and its efficiency.

It does a great good to the society by putting to productive use a huge number of young and able bodied manpower, running into lakhs, of truck drivers and attendant staff.

The transport industry today feeds the Indian economy, adding value and substance to the national productivity on its own.

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